Jenny Blevins

Our family's recent trip to South Africa was truly the trip of a lifetime. Your staff and professionals are highly experienced and service oriented. 

I would like to especially commend our guides through Kruger. Kyne Edwards and Flippie de Kock took care of every detail and their experience with the area, history, and especially the game added value to our trip beyond expectation. On this type of trip everyone is in close quarters traveling for hours in the vehicle.  To us they became part of our family.

We booked the sunset tour (with spot lighting) from  Olifants rest camp and invited Flippie and Kyne to join us.  Because they were with us, the whole vehicle of visitors were able to see several animals that would have gone unnoticed.  Without them it would have been a nice evening drive with the wind blowing through our hair.  With their experience we saw porcupine, small spotted genet, spring hare, hienna, and realized the plentiful animals lurking in the bush completely unnoticed.

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