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Ron Woodin

I just wanted to let you know what a great time we had hunting with you and your very professional staff. Going on a hunt to Africa was on my bucket list and when the opportunity came  up to purchase a trip for four at an NRA banquet I could not pass it up. Authentic African Adventures came up as highly recommended by several people at the banquet. I was lucky enough to have my best friend, son in-law and grandson who turned 15 while we where hunting accompany me. I had all the info I needed before the trip from you and your staff by phone and email. We were met at the airport and given a four hour ride to the lodge. When we arrived at the lodge we where surprised at what great accommodations we had. We each had a private bedroom and bathroom and the lodge its self was a five star resort that must have been built within the last couple years. Our food was all prepared by professionally  trained chefs, we are sorry we were not able to eat all the food it was just more than we normally eat. Before we arrived we each decided we wanted two or three animals each. On the first morning of the hunt I got to hunt with Hanno and we tracked a  Kudu and finished with a very exciting hunt and very nice Kudu. Over the next few days we all got the animals on our list and had the time of our life. In the time we were there we saw just about every animal you would think you would see in Africa. We had a couple days left so you took us on a photo safari and showed us some awesome country and  I got tons of pictures and decided we had to add more animals to our list. By the time we were done we had eighteen animals. On every hunt we had at least a PH and tracker with us showing us all the ropes and taking care of our animals. When we were all done hunting we were taken to town and had a private tour of a large taxidermy shop that had hundreds of mounts and decided to have them do our taxidermy work and have them ship them back home to us. When it was time to go home it was very hard, we had made many new friends and what I thought was a once in a life time hunt was the beginning of more to come. Thank you for such a great trip and taking care of all the details.