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  • Spring in South Africa starts anything from September to October.
  • Summer is anything from November to February.
  • Autumn - Winter sets in from about May and last until August.
  • Our summers are warmer and winters moderate.
  • Best inquire when making your reservation, pending the period and region you are going to visit.


  • Good set of binoculars
  • Hunting and or safari clothing, camo is legal in South Africa (3 sets-daily laundry service)
  • Suitable headgear for sun protection preferably in natural colors (full brim hat)
  • Comfortable shoes for bush wear, serious hunters and hikers should consider ankle boots (Do not bring new shoes!)
  • Camera and video equipment to capture the beauty you will witness, in the evening a flash light could be handy as well as a pocketknife.
  • Sun protection creams
  • Where needed, physical health awareness for changes in routine could have an effect on your health.
  • Enough batteries for anything that runs on batteries.
  • Electrical converter (between 110V and 220V) and adapter to South African size.
  • Books to read.
  • Photocopies of your passport and medical prescriptions in case you lose them. Keep them separate from the rest of your luggage.
  • Rifle and ammunition or bow and arrows (Weapons and Ammo)


  • To settle your final bill in South Africa we accept cash and credit cards (VISA & Mastercard each with a 3% commission add on. (American Express is not accepted).
  • Make sure your bank is aware of your trip to Africa BEFORE you leave your country especially when using a credit card to pay. This can help to prevent an uncomfortable situation when it is time to settle the final bill.


  • Wireless Internet available in camp.
  • A computer is available in the Entertainment Room for you to use (Free of charge).