Because the PH, Hunting staff and the Chefs and their staff are part of the service industry, it is customary, but not always expected, they receive a gratuity from the client. Here’s a tips guide for your next guided hunt:

Recommended Tip for Your Next Hunt

Professional Hunter - $ 50 to $ 100 per day
Tracker - $ 15 per day (One tracker per client)  
Skinning shed and Skinners - $ 15 per day (This take care of the complete skinning shed personal)
Chefs and camp Staff - $ 50 per day
It boils down to the following per safari:
7 Day Safari - $ 910 to $ 1 260
10 Day Safari - $ 1 2700 to $ 1 620
14 Day Safari - $ 1 750 to $ 2 100
$ 130 to $ 180 per day
If you decide that you will tip the staff we prefer that you do it yourself to each individual or group of individuals (Camp Staff). Please also make sure that you do have enough cash with you to do that. We will at the end of the Safari provide you with an full list of all the people that has been of assistance to you during your safari.

Please tip the staff individually - In order to ensure fairness, please ask for envelopes and seal the envelopes. Please hand these envelopes in at the office personally. Do not ask your PH to share & decide on the gratuities. You may ask Hanno van Rensburg or his wife Bardina to help you with deciding the gratuities.

Other things to consider as a tips guide:

  • Tips are not required, though they customary.
  • The amount that you tip the staff usually depends on your level of satisfaction with the staff and the trip.
  • A 10% to 20% tip is customary.
  • When planning to tip your guide, be prepared to give cash. Sometimes this means having the cash with you on the outing, as upon your return to the lodge or base camp. You may not be able to access an ATM, or bank before you leave, so have your tip for the staff with you on the hunt.
  • If in a group setting, with multiple guides, consider selecting a leader among the clients to organize a donation pool for the gratuity to be split between the staff. Choose an appropriate time to present the gratuity, making sure all the staff are present, and that they know the gratuity is to be shared equally among them. Consider dividing the cash equally and present to each staff member their tip at the same time, if possible, or sealed in an envelope. Do not expect your PH to share the tips equally.