I took my girlfriend, her brother and my cousin on a 10 day Safari with Hanno and Company last summer. We had the "perfect" hunt - we saw hundreds of animals (dozens of species), had many great stalks, some that came up empty, some blown stalks and quite a few successful ones - a true representative hunt for quality animals in anyone's book.  Our three guides were Hanno, Kyne and Petrus (I had the opportunity to hunt with all 3 and they are all excellent field judges of game) and all true conservationists. 

They really know the animals, they will not let you shoot young or substandard animals, take unethical, low percentage shots and they focus heavily on taking older, mature, high quality, representative animals of each species.  This was without question the best hunting trip I have ever had.  Very nice accommodations, fantastic hunting, super friendly staff and some of the best food you will ever have anywhere. Prices were very comparable to others I looked at and the quality of animals could not have been better.  

We thought the pricing was pretty good, but once we got there and started hunting, we felt like it was a terrific deal. The only extra costs we had were for the animals we added (and souvenirs and gifts for friends of course).   My girlfriend went with the intent to take just one animal (Impala) and then after seeing the effort, time and money they spend on conservation as well as all the beautiful animals, she decided to take 4 others.  All gorgeous and trophy class - Impala, Blesbuck, Blue Wildebeest, Red Hartebeest and a gorgeous Zebra Stallion. Her brother Jon went to take only pictures and he too after riding along and stalking with me and his sister a couple times decided to take the prettiest and ugliest animals in Africa (in his opinion)  so he then very happily took a big, beautiful (and really tasty) Gemsbuck cow and an old, rough and tough looking warthog.  I went with the intent of taking 5 animals, but came home with 7 including Kudu, Gemsbuck, and Waterbuck bulls and the #31 all-time SCI record Duiker.  My cousin also took 4 gorgeous animals including a huge Waterbuck. 

Hanno and Kyne and I are already lifelong friends and Kyne actually stayed with me for a couple days while he was in Denver for the ISE show. Intl Sportsman's Expo this year.  I truly went as a client and left with great new friends.  I live to hunt, I just can't afford nearly as much of it as I would like. This was my first and maybe only (I sure hope not) trip to Africa and we all went to simply take nice representative animals and we wound up with 18 gorgeous trophies including a dozen in the top 101 SCI. All in all, definitely the trip, hunt and experience of a lifetime.