Subject: Wonderful Trip

Johan, I can't thank you enough for all the hard work and planning you did on our behalf. As this was our first trip to Africa we were a little nervous. I was so impresses that everything went just as planned and there were no surprises. Even when Hanno came with the final bill it was a little smaller than I expected. There are not enough words to thank you for the job you did for us and all the work you put on our behalf.

Kathy and I were very pleased with the services provided by Wian and George. We made them work pretty hard tracking some of the poor shots I made, but skill and perseverance proved out in the end and they found them all. I was especially impressed that there was no high pressure to shoot some of the higher priced trophies. We were given opportunities but were never pressured to shoot. They are both valuable assets to company and I hope to see them again.

I know Dave and Elaine were very impressed with Petros and Freddie. They have both spoken very highly of them and the service they provided. I also want to thank you and your wife for all the fine food. It was different every night and I have never had wild game taste so good. The BBQ was excellent.

The Kruger Park portion of the trip was superb. Having Wain guide us was truly a treat. He new us and the park well and is an expert at spotting game. The accommodations were great, clean and comfortable. Thanks again for putting that portion together. Especially planning the extra night.

Please pass on to Hanno how much we enjoyed the experience. He runs a fine operation. I have a bunch of very good photos. If Hanno could use any of them I will load them on a stick and send them to him. Along with the trophy photos out of the 1500 pictures I took in Kruger there are about 350 that are very good photos. You might be able to use some of those if you were putting together a brochure on trips to Kruger.

Thanks again for all your work. If there is any service I can perform in the future to aid in the success of Authentic African Adventures please do not hesitate to let me know.


Howard & Kathy McCormick