Q & A with Charlie Loan

How would you rate the service from when you were met at Joburg airport till you were dropped back off? Treated first like 5* resort guests and in just a couple days were treated like favorite family members.

Did you take your wife with you and if so how did she like the experience? Did she also hunt? Took my ex-girlfriend, her brother and my cousin.  Steph loved it and she did hunt.  Went with the intent to take just the one animal and then after seeing the effort, time and money they spend on conservation, she decided to take 4 others  (Blesbuck(top 100 SCI Silver), Impala (top 100 SCI Gold), Blue Wildebeest (don't remember the rank, but was SCI Silver), Red Hartebeest(top 100 SCI- Gold) and a gorgeous Zebra Stallion).  Her brother Jon went to take only pictures and he too after riding along and stalking with me and his sister a couple times decided to take the prettiest and ugliest animals in Africa (in his opinion)  so he then very happily took a big, beautiful (and really tasty) Gemsbuck cow and an old, tough rough looking warthog.

Did you have any additional costs that weren't agreed to before the safari? Just for all the animals we added on to our packages and nothing else.

Did you hunt Cape Buffalo with them?  if so what were you impressions, good and bad. We did not.  We did see quite a few including a couple gorgeous bulls.  That will be my next goal and perhaps a Leopard, but I obviously have to save up some for both of them.

Same question for plains game? Phenomenal.  We had a perfect hunt - we saw lots of animals (dozens of species), had many great stalks, completely empty ones, blown stalks and quite a few successful ones - a true representative hunt for quality animals in anyone's book.  Our three guides were Hanno, Kyne and Petrus (I had the opportunity to hunt with all 3 and they are all excellent field judges of game) and all true conservationists.  They really know the animals, they will not let you shoot young or substandard animals, take unethical, low % shots and they focus heavily on taking high quality, representative animals of each species.

What was the lodging and food like? Lodging was newer (only a couple yrs old), very nice and extremely comfortable.  Food was outstanding (best we all had ever had and amongst the bunch of us we have had all types of deer (US and European), snake, shark, gator, whale, lots of other ungulates) and we had Impala, Springbok, Kudu, and Gemsbuck several days as we requested it over and over after the first time we had it. They were planning for us to try some of the others, but we all liked the Gemsbuck so much, they let us have that instead.  They do a lot of the cooking over open wood fire and that probably adds to it.  Elk and deer and antelope don't even come close.  Only thing I have ever had that was even close was Caribou filets and I would take Gemsbuck over it every time.

Do You mind if I call you at the number on the reference list from Hanno? Not at all.  Anytime.

My personal notes:

Best hunting trip I ever had.  Very nice accomodations-5*, 5*+ food and 5*+ hunting.  Prices were very comparable to others I looked at and the quality of animals could not have been better.  Once we got there and started hunting, we felt like it was a great deal.  Lots of animals and tons of different species.  We went to have a great hunt and wound up taking 12 out of 16 in the top 100 SCI, including my #31 all-time Duiker, 69 Impala, 71 Blesbuck and my favorite an almost 41", #77 Gemsbuck bull as well as my second favorite the #101 29" Waterbuck. My cousin took the #50 Blesbuck, #75 Impala and a 31" #71 Waterbuck.  Hanno and Kyne and I are already lifelong friends and Kyne actually stayed with me for a couple days while he was in Denver for the ISE show. Intl Sportsman's Expo.  As you said about your hunt, we went as clients and left as great friends.  Kyne's fiancé, Lise, is the Head Chef and not only great at that, but as sweet as she could be. All in all, definitely the trip of a lifetime.  I live to hunt, just can't afford nearly as much of it as I would like.  Being on the Board of Directors for the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society, I meet and know lots of outfitters and PHs and Hanno and Kyne are without question my favorites and also my dear friends.  This was our first and maybe only trip and we all went to take nice representative animals and we wound up with 18 gorgeous trophies including 12 out of 16 (2 of the 18 were Zebra) in the top 101 SCI.   If you would like some pictures from either the hunt or of the mounted animals, let me know and I will send you some --- Feel free to call me anytime.